Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ok...I am going to attempt to go all the way back to October to get caught up. Oh my!


Brad and Robin (Josh's cousin) got married October 31 in Birmingham. Josh and I spent the weekend up there and had a fabolous time! The wedding and reception were beautiful!

Jennifer and Melanie at the reception.

Josh and I at the reception...(I look terrible!)

We also found out we were having a boy in October.
Aubrey (Amanda's girl) had a princess birthday party in October, which i thought I had some pics of, but i can't seem to locate. :/


In November I had a birthday...I turned 27. :( I am getting old.

Thanksgiving is always a great time! I especially enjoyed it this year due to the fact I felt like since I was pregnant i could eat everything. (Big Mistake, I was soo miserable that night) We had lunch at Josh's grandmothers and then we ate dinner at my parents house. The food was great!

The day after Thanksgiving we went to Honey's house to eat again and watch the Alabama vs. Auburn game. The game started out great and I really thought that Auburn was going to pull it out, but it just didn't happen. Anyways, WAR EAGLE! I have been slacking in the picture area, because I have not wanted any of myself.

Of course we had to do a little shopping the day after Thanksgiving...Jennifer (my sister) and I normally head to Walmart at the break of dawn to catch some of the good deals. I had my eye on a HP laptop that they were going to have on sale. Need less to say they only had six and they were gone long before I got to Walmart. I was very disappointed! Jennifer finished out pretty good and managed to get Riley the Nintendo DS that he wanted. Wal-mart was crazy this year! I have never seen that many people there after Thanksgiving!


December is always a hectic month! I love the Christmas season, but it just seemed a little more hectic than normal this year.

I was unable to put my Christmas decorations up this year, due to our floors being replaced, but thats ok...I will make up for it next year! :)

Josh and I celebrated 2 years of marriage this past December 8th. We went and ate at David's catfish for our anniversary. We had decided not to get each other a gift this year, but we ended up buying each other something anyways. Josh gave me some perfume and I gave him an under armour camo jacket.

Riley (Jennifer's son) turned 6 this year on December 15th. I cannot believe he is kindergarten already. They had his birthday party at the Opp skating rink and he had a blast! Last year at his birthday party, I attempted to skate and it was not a good idea! I found myself plastered to the rink and was sore and bruised for 2 weeks! I DID NOT skate this year! Many of my family members that skated last year, learned there lesson for this year as well! :o

We had lots of places to go for Christmas this year. It seems like another place gets added every year. We started out Christmas eve morning by going to Huddle House and eating breakfast. I really like eating a waffle there (I always have, so it is not a craving). After that we ate lunch with Josh parent's and Keri and Ross. We then went to Josh's Aunt Paige's house and had dinner. They roasted a hog this year and everyone loved it. We always play family feud or some game after dinner. The "young adults" have won for the past 2 years, but "old adults" pulled out a W this year. After that we went to Josh's parents to see what Santa had brought. (he comes a little earlier over there) We opened all our gifts and got everything we wanted. They are so good to us! We then traveled to the Clark household and visited with them for a little while. John and ALy came home from their travels and surprised everyone.
Now for Christmas day.....
We started early by going to Josh's grandparents house (Stewarts). We arrived there around 8:30 am and ate breakfast. Every year "the kids" exchange names. This year we had Molly and Katie. We gave Molly a pair of under armour batting gloves and Katie received some jewelry and bath and body works. After all the fun there we went to my parents house and played dirty santa. This was our 2nd annual dirty santa at the Nall's residence. We had a great time, but before we knew it, it was time to hit the road again. We then traveled to Opelika to Josh's grandparents (Tills). We played dirty santa up there as well . We enjoyed a great time with them, but began our journey back home around 8. I was EXHAUSTED!
The day after Christmas, of course, we hit the sales again. I managed to get everything i went for, so my morning was a success. That night we had another family christmas get together with some my extended family from out of town. We also played dirty and had a blast.
Christmas was great this year and I loved it, but I was sure glad to rest a little.
New Years was a blur. We went to a friends house in Elba to ring in the New Year, but we didn't make it til midnight.
Sorry for not having any pictures...maybe i will make it my new years resolution to take more pics. :)
Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season!

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