Sunday, January 31, 2010

I can't sew, but I can glue :)

I really like the Diaper wipe cases that are covered and you can buy them at various stores for $20-$30, but why buy it and pay that much when you can make it for half the cost! Check out this blog I was browsing trying to find out how to make these really cute diaper wipe cases when I stumbled across this blog. It is fabulous! She does all kinds of crafts and it is very helpful. Here are a couple of diaper wipe cases that I have done. I had a lady at work monogram the "J" for me (along with a couple of others), because I do not do a sewing machine. :) Maybe I should learn.... Thanks Misty! The others I just glued the ribbon on to make the letters. Its amazing what you can do yourself!

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