Sunday, January 24, 2010

More baby room pictures!

So, I got back into painting this past weekend. I painted the deer pictures (see previous blog) when i was around 10 weeks pregnant or so and I really hadn't wanted to do anything since then. Well, this past weekend I decided that the walls needed a little something else. I browsed the internet and looked for different pictures or verses that I could paint. I really couldn't find anything that I just loved. I saw a picture or two of some hand-painted striped photos that I liked and so I decided I would paint some more of Josh's (hopefully soon to be Avery's) hunting game. Josh likes to hunt turkeys and duck along with deer. Anyways, I painted the pictures below and I think they turned out pretty good. The turkey is not our favorite, but it will have to do. On the other hand the duck is our absolute favorite! :) I added other pictures to the mix to share some of the other items in his room.

His crib and bedding and part of the mobile. (sorry bad picture)

This dresser was Josh's during college and he had never painted. We finally got it painted and it looks so much better.

Just a couple of items that have accumulated along the way. The "Oh Boy" picture frame came from Mrs Sandra and the baby book I purchased to go with it. The Blue and white piggy bank was a gift from Avery's Aunt Keri (Josh's sister). Thanks Keri and Sandra!

This is the inside of the Crib right now. The stuffed horse came from Mrs. Rabren and it is so soft. Love it! The blanket was hand made by our neighbor Mrs Goodson. Love it too!

Letters I painted for the room. The paintings on them match the bedding and the deer pictures.

Masterpiece 1 - The duck. Josh's favorite.

Not so Masterpiece 2 - The turkey. Needs some love. :/ Turkeys are soo hard to draw and paint! But I guess as long as you can tell that it is a turkey we are ok, right?

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