Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Now for more recent activities...
My family just returned from our annual trip to the beach. It is always hectic trying to get all 15 ( including children) together. We had a great time even though sometimes it can be stressful. We grilled hamburgers the first night and then went to the Crab Trap to eat the second night. Last year we hit up the water parks, but we decided we just wanted to relax this year. No plans! On Saturday night after eating a wonderful meal at the Crab Trap we decided to go the Race car tracks and putt-putt golf course. We all had a blast acting like kids again. Even my parents rode the rides! :) We also enjoyed staying around the condo doing some fishing. Here are some pics from our weekend .

Aubrey and Neil smiling for the camera.

My mom and dad.


Amanda and Cade waiting to eat.

Shannon and his Amanda waiting for their food

The kids (minus Gavin) waiting on a table.

The kids with Jennifer.

Aubrey playing in the sand at the beach.

Riley enjoying the beach...showing off his muscles.

My brothers, dad and Josh looking at the crab they caught.

Josh showing off the crab.

This bird stayed for a long time.

My brother fishing.