Thursday, July 23, 2009


Last year a friend of mine at work gave Josh and I a plant as a housewarming gift. She brought it to me in a five gallon bucket and my first instinct was that this plant will not last a week! My green thumb is probably a light shade of yellow. :) Anyways, she told that this was a unique plant and that it only bloomed at night. A moon plant ???? Weird, yes. So, I took the plant home and tried to decide where I needed to plant it. After we bought our house in June of 2008 Josh went around and pulled up all the azalea bushes because he hates them! Well, this left a perfect spot at the back corner of our house for this plant and so there it remains. At first the plant didn't look so great and Josh noted several times that he thought he might need to pull it up, because it looked like a weed and heaven forbide we have anything that looks like a weed or an azalea bush. :) A couple of weeks later it started to blosom and yes it only bloomed at night or dusk. It is the most beautiful plant (at night) and we absolutely love it! Anytime we pull into the driveway at night and the plant is in full bloom Josh always has tell me how much he loves that plant. Here is a pic of the plant last night. It normally has a couple more blooms, but it is still very pretty.

Another interesting thing about this plant is that after the summer is over and the plant is done blooming, weird medium sized spiky balls start to appear on it. My friend told me that they held the seeds, so if anyone wants a moon plant I will have some seeds in the fall!

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  1. How cool! I've never ever heard of a moon plant before either, but we'd love some seeds!!