Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finding Time...

Finding time to post on here is becoming more and more scarce. I am going to attempt to update for the past couple of months. Note: the pictures are not in order -sorry.

First some Avery updates....Avery starting crawling when he was about 6 1/2 months old and has not stopped since. He started saying "mama" at about 8 months. I don't know if he really knows what he is saying.....but it works for me. Of course, he babbles and says other things, but nothing we can really make out. He loves to eat puffs, any kind of baby food, and well practically anything. :) He started pulling up on furniture (especially his crib) when he was about 7 months old and this past week he has started walking around the furniture and walking behind his push toys. At his 9 month checkup Dr E said that he expects him to walk early. Also at his checkup he weighed 18 1/2 pounds. He's getting to be a big boy! He loves taking his baths, wiggling and flipping over when you change his diaper, sitting in his high chair, begging for your food, and playing with anything but his toys. We swapped out his car seat for a big boy car seat this week. He was waaayyyy to big for his carrier. His feet poked out the end and he did not have any room to move. He loves playing with cell phones, crawling on the fireplace and eating the rocks out of it, and looking at magazines (although he normally ends up eating them or ripping them). He does not like to change clothes, wait for his food, or sleep when there is a crowd.

He also has begun sleeping in the bed with us. :( I really did not want this to happen, because I do not sleep well with him in the bed with us. Makes me nervous, that we will roll on him or he will fall off. None the less, he is waking up quite a bit during the night. He had been doing soo good about sleeping through most of the night, but at about 7 months he started to cry and scream about every two hours. I blame his teeth. We finally just gave up and put him in the bed with us. He still wakes up, but atleast we don't have to get out of the bed. Lazy, I know, but I need my sleep!

Avery had his first Christmas and WE thoroughly enjoyed it. I really want him to believe in Santa Claus, so I wanted to start the "tradition" early. Christmas eve we left cookies and milk for Santa. The next morning when we got up half the cookies were eaten, the milk was gone, the stockings were full, and there were tons of presents under the tree. Must have been Santa!! Avery went straight to the presents when he got up. He was excited! Santa didn't do a very good job of taking all the presents out of the boxes, but thats ok, I'm sure he was tired. ;) Here are some pictures of Avery's first Christmas.

After we finished at our house we went to Josh's grandmothers for brunch and of course to open more gifts. Avery got formula from Josh's grandparents. YAY!:)

This picture was taken at Josh's grandmothers house the morning of Christmas. He loved all the attention he was getting.

This picture was taken christmas eve at Josh's parents house (Nana and Pops). He got lots more formula, clothes, a Tiger blanket, and a truck. He got an Auburn shirt and Diapers from Aunt Keri and Ross.

Also, christmas Eve we went to Josh's Aunt Paige's to eat and play games. This year the "young" kids won again! We played gestures and it was soo much fun.

Avery was soo tired and he fell asleep while we were there.

This picture was taken Christmas Eve Eve. Avery was trying to open his Dad's present early.

Avery sporting his Christmas gear.

Christmas night we went over to my mom and dad's to eat and open more presents. Avery got more toys and some clothes. The grand kids had a great time together and my mom really loved her picture of all them. The grown ups play dirty santa and everyone always has a great time. I have some pictures, but not on this computer. Check out Amanda Pittman's facebook page for those pics.

The day after Christmas we left about 9:00am and headed to Birmingham. This year the Till Christmas was in Birmingham instead of Opelika, which worked out great for us. We were traveling to Smith Lake on Monday to my Aunt Susan's lake house. We always play dirty santa on the Till side of the family and it's always a blast. This year's theme was "your favorite things". We a got Starbucks giftcard and coffee and the Eclipse movie. Definitley a few of my favorite things. That night we stayed at Aunt Keri's house. We woke up early the next morning (of course) and went and ate breakfast with Josh's mom, dad, and Keri. After breakfast we left to head north to Smith Lake. We also played Dirty Santa at the Lake House. This year the theme was "In the Kitchen". We ended up with a nice knife and some neat measuring cups. We had a really great time visiting with family, but had to return home that afternoon. Here again all these pictures are on facebook and I have not pulled them off. See my facebook page.

Here is a random photo of Avery goofing off for the camera.

These pictures are soo backwards! The pictures below were taken at Thanksgiving, but it has to do with Christmas. We took pictures in front of the barn at my mom and dad's for my parents for Christmas.

Annaleigh and Avery crawling around.

This is one of the pictures that we took of all the grandkids. It was hard trying to get them to all be still and smile at the same time. We did manage to get them to be still for a couple, but not all smile at the same time. :)

2o1o was one for the record books. Avery Bryant Till was born and Auburn won the National Championship. ;) Can't get any better than that! I cannot wait to see what 2011 holds for us!!

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