Sunday, November 28, 2010

SEC West- check, Iron Bowl Win- check, Thanksgiving- check, Christmas Tree up- check ;)

WAR EAGLE! 12-0! SO, Auburn has won the SEC West and they Beat Alabama! We are super excited and hope that the winning keeps going! A National Championship would be awesome!

Avery has a new place to play. HE loves to see if he can get up on the fireplace. He has only accomplished it once, but he does not give up.

He doesn't love to play with his toys, he would rather play with "grown-up" things like the remote, cell phone and really anything you are using. Of course everything goes straight to his mouth when he gets it.

He is now sporting 2 teeth on the bottom. They are super sharp and he is not afraid to use them! :)

We went down to the beach to see Josh's family and for Avery and AL to meet for the first time. Melanie(Josh's cousin/AL's mom) and the family were at the beach for the week of Thanksgiving and we went down to see them the Sunday before. We had a great trip and Avery even got his picture taken at the Bass Pro Shop with Santa.

We didn't actually go out on the beach, but we did stand on the pavillion to get some pictures.

He liked to look at the beach, hopefully he will like to go next summer.

Thanksgiving was a little bit of a blurr, but I do remember eating. The morning of, Josh got called out at 2:30am and so he was really tired and needed to rest, so Aunt Keri came over and played with Avery while I did a little cooking. We had lunch at Barbara and Claytons house and then we had dinner at my parents. We took some pictures before we ate and had a great time. Avery liked to roll around in the grass and eat leaves.

Of course the Iron Bowl was this weekend and WAAARRRR EAAAGGLLE! It was a disaster at first, but glad to see Auburn get it together! On to the SEC championship!

The stockings are hung and the tree is up! We strategically placed the tree in between the couch and chair to keep ornament snatchers away. We can block it off with the ottoman.
Happy Holidays!

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