Friday, May 14, 2010

2 months!

Before I get into Avery's 2 month photos, I wanted to share ACB and ABT's fun photo shoot. We did these when Annaleigh was 4 weeks old and Avery was 7 weeks. I thought they turned out pretty good! We couldn't get any good ones of them to together this time. There was just too much movement and slinging of arms from Avery.

Miss Annaleigh relaxing.
Avery caught in between squirming and slinging his arms.

I thought this one was really sweet.

Mr Avery posing for the camera.

Anyways, on to the 2 month update.

Our little man has hit the 2 month mark! He has become so aware and active! He kicks and squirms, and I think he is even attempting to swim in his bath tub! :) He is starting to smile and coo, which makes me sooo excited! I love it when babies laugh and coo at you! He started daycare this week and it was hard the first day. He is only going a couple of hours, so I can do majorette tryouts. I drop him off at 1:30pm and Josh picks him at 4:30pm. So, he really is not there very long.

Here are some 2 month photos.

We love "polo" shirts.

Loving bath time! He splashes and kicks his legs. I think he will love to swim.

His official two month photo.

He is soo long. I can't wait to see what his length is when we go for his 2 month check-up.

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