Sunday, March 21, 2010


It all started Monday morning when I went to my doctors appt. I never thought that I would be spending the week in the hospital at the time. But the outcome is unbelievable and a God given blessing!

The nurse checked my blood pressure and it was high, so she said she wanted to check it again in a few minutes. We thought that it was just my nerves, being that it was the week of my due date. When she came back and checked, it was still high. Once Dr W came by, he told me that he would like for me to go over to the hospital to be monitored for a little while. He said that my blood pressure would probably go down and if it didn't he would discuss what we needed to do then. My blood pressure probably rocked the scale at this point. The thought of having to go to the hospital was not what I had planned to do that afternoon. After a couple of hours of being straped to monitors and my blood pressure not decreasing, I started to get a little worried. What in the world was going on. Why was my blood pressure not going down? Probably about 3 in the afternoon Dr. W came and talked to me about being induced. Here again my blood pressure probably sky rocketed. He said that I was 391/2 weeks along and he didn't see any problem with the induction. After being a bit overwhelmed, I finally calmed to let everyone know that I was going to be admitted to the hospital (March 15, 2010) and would be induced the next day (March 16, 2010) at 6am. I just knew that we would have a baby by lunch that day. Boy, was I wrong!

Because I was not dilated any, he wanted to start me on some meds that would help me along over night, so the next morning I would be good and ready for labor. At 6 the next morning the pitocin drip was initiated. I had a few contractions at first, but nothing serious. I kept thinking that I must be one of those women who wouldn't experience that much labor pain. ;) Lunch rolled around and the nurse checked me and nothing. I was not even dilated a centimeter. UGHHH! She let the Dr know and he said to continue the drip til that afternoon and he would drop by. Keep in mind that I had not had anything to eat since the night before. My hunger pains were worse than the contractions! Not to mention that the monitors were very uncomfortable, I couldn't move much (the monitors would move), the blood pressure cup would cut off my circulation in my arm every 15 minutes, the IV wires were short and so I had to use the porta chair to go to the bathroom...MISERABLE and still no baby! Dr W finally came around to see me about 4pm. He said that he would like to go a second day on pitocin and see if it would work tomorrow, but in the mean time I could get up and move around, get something to eat and take a shower. This was music to my ears! Well Day 2 rolled around and pretty much the same thing happened. No dilation and not much labor contractions. FRUSTRATED and MISERABLE! How does the pitocin drip not work! Dr W said that this happens sometimes and proceeded to let me know my options. He said that it was too risky to send me home because of my blood pressure. So, he suggested I go a third day on the drip (OMG!) and have a C-section the next day if that doesn't work or go ahead and have a C-section that afternoon (OMG OMG!). If my blood pressure wasn't high before, it was now! He said he would give me a little time to think about it. I had no idea what to do! Josh wanted to go ahead and have the C-section that afternoon, but I had just heard so many bad things about it that I almost thought that going a third day on the drip would be a better option. But wait, it hasn't worked for two days and whose to say it will work tomorrow and if it didn't I would have to have a C-section then. I would like to say that this was the toughest decision of my life! I just wanted to do what was good for the baby. I was a nervous wreck. Everyone told me that I should just go ahead and have the C-section, but I had this "what if" syndrome that I was dealing with. I mean my sisters and mom had all had their babies naturally with no complications, of course I would be the odd ball and have complications. After about an hour and half of calling everyone I knew that had a C-section and those that had not, the decision was made. We would go ahead with C-section and not risk stressing the baby anymore. Once the decision was made everything was put into overdrive, there was no turning back. The nurses were racing around getting everything together. I was about to have a baby!! The whole process took about 45 minutes (prep, C-section, delivery, everything) and AVERY BRYANT TILL was born at 5:17pm on March 17, 2010. He weighed 8lb and was 22 inches long and is most beautiful baby ever! Such a blessing! Everyone says he looks like me. :) As far as the C-section it was a breeze. I had very little pain from it and I feel like we made the right decision. Everyone said that I would not be able to do anything, that the pain and soreness would prevent me from enjoying the baby. I just think that everyone's body is different and mine handled it really well. I had a worse time with the pain medications that they gave me after recovery. They made me dizzy and crazy! (that is another story) I hated it and told them I did not want anymore pain meds (which i didn't need anyways). :)

We are now getting into a routine at home and everything is going great! He is such a good baby and we love him so much! I got my staples removed and Dr W. said that the cut looked great and even went as far as to say that I would want to show it off. Hahaha! Blood pressure is still up, so he put me on some mild meds that would help, but he thought that given time that it would come back down. Let's hope so!

Pictures to come!

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